Amazon has recently been revealing new Alexa enabled devices one of which is the Amazon Echo Show. This device is everything the Echo is but flat and includes a 7-inch display. As far as voice integration goes most products created only had the ability to respond audibly limiting the way we could get information back from the device. This could create situations where you decide not to use the device because getting a very long response is annoying and it would be easier for you to go to your smartphone instead.

Now with Echo Show, you can ask for the weather, and it will just pull up the weather on display or ask for your calendar and be able to look through your schedule without a very long response if you have a particularly busy day. Flash briefings are now more rich with getting to see video clips as opposed to hearing Alexa read them back to you. YouTube is another great service that Alexa allows so you can audibly request something on youtube and Alexa can play it back for you on display.

You can listen to music still with the two front facing speakers, and the added benefit of the screen you can read the lyrics of the song. On top of all these enhancements, the display brings there are some other noteworthy things that also benefit from seeing Shopping lists, Photos, security cameras, to do lists, and the list can go on as developers start taking advantage of the new ways to give information back to the user.

Amazon released an update that is not specific to the Echo Show, but the new hardware features allow this update to shine. The update allows for hands-free video calls to anyone with an Echo Show or the Alexa App. The people who have the Echo or Echo Dot’s will be limited to just voice calls but there is something nice about being able to just ask Alexa to call someone and never having to touch your phone.

The speakers on the Echo Show are said to be great with the Dolby processing, but we will have to wait and see when we actually get the device to try out.