The Amazon Echo Dot is a smart speaker which is comprised of a seven-piece microphone array. With the help of the intelligent personal assistant, the speaker detects the voices since; voice-controlled software has been installed within it. By installing Alexa service, the device responds to the voices and provides an option to interchange the pronunciation of the words as well.

Product Features

The product has a broad range of features to enhance the attraction levels of people all over the world. Echo Dot is hands-free device and uses Alexa for the purpose of voice –control. Additionally, the Alexa service is used for various purposes such as read audio books, draw and receive information, read the news and make calls. This device has an option to connect to headphones or speakers with a stereo cable or Bluetooth as a medium of connection. Its advanced technology enables to control the switches of fans, light, and thermostats.

The other interesting factors that had impressed people are the “Skills.” The application of the device has an option to enable the people to order pizza from Dominos. The people could also play games instantly by using this part of the application. There is constant update being provided on skills of the application.

Advantages and use of the product

The voice activated technology manufactured by the e-commerce organization has set a milestone with an exceptional usage of Alexa service. Despite, a wait of two days, the Amazon Dot Echo has been instrumental for various purposes such as viewing the sports scores, news feed and more information can be drawn instantly.  The products are packed up with excellent technologies which comprise an adapter inside. Moreover, the setting up of the product is much easier for the people.

The people have an amazing experience with the product since the application is compatible with the desktop browsers, IOS, Android, and Firewall as well. To manage the device, the Alexa application is to be installed initially. The application is used for various purposes such as setting up alarms by connecting with the smartphones. The other smart devices developed by various organizations such as Nest, Philips-Hue, and WeMo can be connected with the Dot device. The book could be read if the device is connected with the Audible account. Recently, the organization has released a new version of the Echo Dot in 2016. The device was modified with the new volume dial keys. The gen Dot had minus and plus keys and was much smaller than the earlier version of the device.

Impact on the customers satisfaction

Conformability in the usage of the product has increased the satisfaction levels of the customers. For instance, a person could operate the product from any part of the house. The alarms could be sneezed or set again from any part of the house.  If the device is kept in the kitchen, it enables the people to set time. At times, it assists people with the recipes for the dishes to be prepared.

One of the most interesting facts about the device which has impressed people on a high level is its connectivity with the cloud.  By recognizing the speech patterns, the device understands expectations of the people and provides the results in accordance with it. The device keeps learning needs of the people on a constant basis and thereby, it creates a positive impact on the satisfaction levels of the customers.

Negative opinions on Amazon echo dot

One of the negative aspects of the products is functionality. The extent of functionality has created a negative impact on the perceptions of the people since many have experienced issues due to the functionality within the period of 4 years.  The extent of voice recognition is one of the issues in the product. The customers have raised complaints since they had to raise their voice in order to activate music playlist.

Despite an automatic update system, it has failed to meet the requirements of the customer as some of the software had demanded the customers to pay the entire amount. Moreover, the Alexa services had issues in shuffling the music playlist for the people as well.  The quality of the sound has been another aspect which has affected the opinions of the users.


Amazon Echo Dot has impressed the people with various aspects such as the automated voice control systems and its connectivity to the cloud. It has created a negative impact on the people due to some of the issues related to the functionality and the quality of sound.