Monday, October 15, 2018

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With the influx of Smart devices coming to the market it can get confusing as to what devices work with what or which one provides the best features for the price. I enjoy learning about different technologies and buy them as I can to continue to smarten up the home. But, I realized that this became so confusing and wished I could go to one place that had all the information I needed to make an informed decision. I apparently did not find one, and that is why I decided to start

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Google Home Mini – Review

The Google Home now has a few companions, The Google Home Max and the Google Home Mini, but in this post, we will be focusing...

Nest Gaurd

Alarm, keypad, motion sensor and the brains of the system.

Arlo Pro

Smart Features Overview 100% Wire-Free Place it anywhere. No cords or wiring hassles. Weatherproof Rain or shine, hot or cold, the IP65-certified Arlo Pro camera will...

Watch Google’s I/O Keynote Live

Google has their I/O Keynote every year and today it begins.The conference will begin at 10 AM Pacific Standard Time, 1 PM Eastern Standard Time...
Two Echo Dotsvideo

Amazon Echo Dot

The Amazon Echo Dot is a smart speaker which is comprised of a seven-piece microphone array. With the help of the intelligent personal assistant,...
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